First with Fox.

Internet movie downloading, whether done illegally or legally continues to grow. … Read More

Reality is the New Escapism

Are you a gamer? Chances are you’ll say no. Have you ever played FarmVille? How about Mafia Wars or any other game on Facebook? Chances are, you’ll say yes. If you have, then you are being counted among the millions … Read More

On-the-Go Gravy

You thought you were pretty proud of those pounds you’d lost, and then, just when you didn’t expect it, there it was—a Bob Evans sausage gravy dispenser right there next to some Bob Evens biscuits. … Read More

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Subway Store!

When you’re building a skyscraper and working the top floors, getting to a sandwich shop is way out of your way. But what if the sandwich shop came to you? That’s exactly what’s happening on the building site at ground zero in New York City. … Read More

Face-To-Face Phone

Not long ago, Skype™ introduced its real-time face-to-face communication for mobile phones. If you don’t know what that means, it means you will be able to have live visual conversations with anyone around the world who has Skype, for the cost of a “local” cell phone call… … Read More

The iWish

Brands no longer have to hire creative people for their research and development department to come up with new product ideas. All they need to do is  look at blogs like Planet Mat, where fans post their dream gadget concepts … Read More

Zipholder: The Godsend for Stress Eaters

Ok, we all know that stress eating sucks, and that nobody wants to put on the weight because that means a downward spiral will slowly begin. First the jeans are tight, then they don’t fully zip-but still button, and finally they just aren’t working out at all. And then comes the dreadful and depressing checkmate into chubby land, the next size up. … Read More

Speech Therapy “On-the-Go”

Speech therapy takes time and effort…rare commodities these days. So being able to train on the go is music to many people’s ears. Hollins Communications Research Institute have developed an iPhone application which lets stutterers measure their fluency. You can … Read More

Mind the Curb

A year ago we saw the reverse graffiti work of Paul Curtis, who would wash messages onto the dirty surfaces of cars, streets, and walls throughout Leeds, England. It made for interesting street art seeing the contrast between the dirty … Read More

EDAR: Everyone Deserves a Roof

The idea of Pop-Up Architecture is beginning to grow. Constantly changing economic, political and environmental scenarios are increasing demand for instant solutions that provide shelter and work space for individuals whom, because of forces outside of their control, traditional architectural … Read More