CultureWaves Q3: The New Era of Vending

2018 is an era of unprecedented convenience. Brands are going out of their way to get to the consumer faster and more directly—as seen in this example from Pizza Hut, where autonomy, artificial intelligence and delivery methods are all used … Read More

Food Blogger Travels To Dubai To Try Crown Crust Pizza

Those wacky dudes at College Humor must have been as impressed/grossed-out as the rest of us when they saw Pizza Hut Dubai’s Crown Crust Pizza. The difference between them and us, is they actually sent a brave columnist to go … Read More

Dominos “Caters” To Their Demographic

I spotted this coupon on  They proclaim it as a WIN.  If you don’t know why it’s a WIN then you probably aren’t the intended demographic. Domino’s has pulled a humorous little Power Play™.  This wave is all about … Read More