Google Keeping Tech Support In The Family

Even though heaps of mature age people are as net savvy as any young wippersnapper, there are still many who haven’t been caught up in the net – so to speak. I happened upon this funny and helpful site today.  … Read More

Family Is an Attitude

What happens to a family after a divorce is a direct result of the attitude the parents take. If they put family first, they can reach an emotional place that feels like home, even though the marital bonds are broken. That’s the goal of a couple who started a website called Co-Parenting 101. … Read More

Smart Investing Starts Young

Virtual learning centers are getting more and more popular, and in today’s economy this one makes sense. Dollars and cents. It’s called and it contains just about everything you need to teach or learn about money and investing for kids and teens alike. … Read More

Baby Whisperers

When baby won’t sleep, Mom and Dad don’t either. In an age when you can find a consultant for just about everything, it only makes sense to call a sleep consultant. Dream Team Baby is a service that teaches children age 4 months to 2 years to overcome sleep problems. … Read More

Cosmetic Surgery for Kiddies, Becoming Commonplace

Cosmetic surgery for elementary age children is becoming commonplace in Japan. It seems some parents are determined to do whatever it takes for their children to have the perfect face or body. Sometimes, surgery is performed to remove some birth … Read More