So how’d you two meet?

In the Deity Complex Wave we see people getting what they want without regard for the trappings of the old way of doing things. You want something, you get it—regardless of the means—and it better be exactly what you want. … Read More

Cloth Diapers a Win-Win

According to the Real Diapers Association, the average cost of disposable diapers for 2 years is $1,600. Or if you’d like to hop on the recession-savings- green friendly bandwagon craze, you could cut that cost to about $160 by switching … Read More

Hello Baby!

Hello Kitty might be nightmarish to us for the same exact reasons Japanese females love the iconic cartoon feline: It’s cute, pink, and seemingly everywhere. In fact, its ubiquitous-ness is exactly what the director of Hau Sheng Hospital in Taiwan … Read More