Cultivating Happiness

As our lives are increasingly busier and more stressful, the need for a broader sense of self is becoming a hot button topic. How can we juggle work and personal interests/hobbies while maintaining the right level of self-care? With the … Read More

Finding Balance With Stones

I was recently treated to a beautiful slideshow of a friends epic pilgrimage across the El Camino.  Among the pictures of ancient roads and breathtaking sunsets over the french and spanish landscapes,  I saw one picture that really struck me. … Read More

Home Sweet Ashram

As the economy twists and turns, Hindu hermitages are finding that people are seeking them out not only as a place to go for a week of meditation, but also as a place to live. One ashram in Honesdale, Penn., charges $3,000 a year to live there in addition to working in the kitchen. … Read More

Beauty in Balance

In our tightwire world of trying to get on top of things and often just hoping to get by, it’s no wonder people are searching more franticly than ever for meaning in their lives. One example in the Inner Balance Wave points way back to Egyptology for a remedy. … Read More

The Growth of Kirtan in the West

Sure you could go drink away your financial woes on a Saturday night but then you wake up Sunday with a hangover, regret and minus a bunch of precious cash. Or you could sing your way to a bliss that … Read More