Google’s Goggles And The Skeptics

You may have already seen the Youtube video teaser of Google’s AR “goggles” that surfaced last week. If not, check it out here. “Project Glass.” A concept video, titled “One day…,” shows how Google’s glasses might work. In the video, … Read More

Mapping Main Street

Main Street USA; it is a staple of political rhetoric, we are told of its suffering at the hands of big box retailers, but where exactly is Main Street and what does it look like? … Read More

High-Water Anxiety

When the ice cap melts, how high will the water reach? Specifically, how high will it read in the building you live in? In Bristol, England, those questions were graphically answered by the Watermark Project. … Read More

Let Me Map It Out For Ya…

An article about the evolution of cartography sparked me to do a neemee search of “MAPPING” and my hunch was right…. We have captured  A LOT of really cool thoughts on this subject from all life categories (DESIGN, ENTERTAINMENT, TECHNOLOGY … Read More

Barely Legal Sex Maps

Showtime’s L-Word series took a scripted, entirely fictional relationship chart concept online, allowing women to add their name and make connections to people they’ve “hooked up” within a sexual nature. Known as OurChart, the social networking site for lesbian and … Read More


In the 2004 flick The Day After Tomorrow, Hollywood gave us the worst case scenario of the possible effects of global warming and climate change, showering us with natural disasters to the tune of worldwide hurricanes, tornadoes, below freezing temperatures … Read More