Q315 Topic: Entry-Level Lifestyle

As full-fledged career paths become harder to find and even more difficult to keep, consumers are having to accept the substitute of a permanent entry-level lifestyle over their expectations. … Read More

Will Young People Change Phone Etiquette?

I am very well aware of the problems the theater world has with attracting younger audiences. It seems the larger, more mains stage the theater is, the older the patrons get. So I understand the need to get creative with … Read More

Turning Chores Into Epic Win!

It’s a challenge we all have, but some do it much better than others: Getting. Stuff. Done. I discovered this app because I follow a guy on twitter that tweets his “achievements”. It makes me chuckle because he is a … Read More

Scary Data About Sitting

I love infographs because I’m a visual learner, but this one gave me a scary wake-up call! It visualizes data from Medical Billing and Coding to illustrate how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours at a time each day … Read More

Crystal-Studded Bottles of Water

Ok. So even though the loveable snarks over at Gawker had a field day with this, I happen to think it’s a perfect example of Private Pampering™. It’s an article about an extreme example of luxury in the bottled water … Read More

America’s Diet Delusions

Body Warranty™ deals with “wanting more out my body than ever before”.  As the NYE hangover wears off, we are all thinking about those resolutions and wondering how long they will last this year.  You’d think to be successful with … Read More

Real Sizes for Today’s “Real Kidz”

Buff Culture™ is often filled with life evidence pieces that adhere to surgery, strange cosmetic products on the market, or the latest gimmicks promising beauty. In fact, for a wave that represents our inherent idea of “beauty as perfection” –cosmetic … Read More

Preteen Fans…Sexual Already?

Rolling Stone magazine’s interview with Twilight actor Robert Pattinson confirmed a little insight we’ve all been well aware of for some time now at CultureWaves –that age has nothing to do with how I act or feel. The “I” in … Read More

Quack Health Foods Are Big Business

So we spend billions of dollars every year on foods that either falsely claim or imply to be healthy on their labels and packaging. Damn. The media preying on the vulnerable, naïve and nutritionally uneducated? No way! Unfortunately, it’s far … Read More