Scientology Gets a Makeover

New Scientology Commerical: Life To be brutally honest, I don’t believe little aliens living inside of me would be essential to better “know myself”, or certainly not helpful to those on some spiritual journey. But who are we to judge … Read More

You’re Just a Tease!

…At least that’s what one bitter romantic is accusing dating service for being. In face, he’s so upset he’s suing–for 5 million bucks. According to the Dailynews, “A $5 million federal suit filed by Sean McGinn accuses the company … Read More

GMH – Gives Me Hope

Have you heard of F*ck My Life? It’s a site where people can anonymously share short tales of woe that you can’t help but chuckle at. Here’s an example from FML:

“Today, I was cleaning my father’s study room and wondering why I did not receive my acceptance/rejection letter from a college I really wanted. I found the acceptance letter, on his desk, also approving of a full scholarship. The deadline to confirm was a month ago. FML” … Read More

2009–The Year of Change

It’s 2009, and I can only think of one thing: change. The promise of change is everywhere; it’s on campaign posters, in promises from employers, and in the hearts of those of us who aspire for something better in life; even the basic concept of a family is changing as legislative battles ensue over what a family can be. … Read More