The Future Of The Perfect Fit

I got home from a shopping trip and had fun showing some friends my purchases.  You gotta  love a good “oooo & aaaah” when you’ve probably spent more than you should. Even though it’s definitely a “first world problem”, I … Read More

Pampering And Posturing

One of the things I love about my social networks is throwing things I come across to the peanut gallery and reading the response. Lately I got excited about this amazing video of a transparent plane – it was a … Read More

Marketing Predictions Video Pushes People’s Buttons

I almost posted this video under Corporate Hating™ because of the “comment rage” this video has drawn.  But I’m putting in Virtual Merge™ because despite of the way it has been presented, I think it has valid points to make … Read More

The Future Of Publishing – Eye Of The Beholder?

I would think every generation has opinions about other generations…especially those younger than them. Gen X & Y often seem criticized and/or misunderstood by Boomers and beyond. … Read More

Looking Forward to The ‘Kitchen of the Future’

If Emeril had two heads and four arms, he would do this kitchen justice. … Read More

Make Way For Our New RoboRiche Overlords

A hi-tech future with the most advanced technology is a vision that many scientists are set on achieving and they are making crazy breakthroughs everyday. If you have a moment check out IEEE Spectrum. It’s a pretty cool “shopping cart” concept that visualizes their own unique vision of a medically advanced future. … Read More

HIV Vaccine made from Canarypox. Spider Jerusalem Looks On.

I look forward to a future where I can cure cancer with a patch and my two headed cat smokes Black Russians. … Read More

Haircuts by Children: Child=Person

Most adults would have a hard time entrusting a child with a pair of razor sharp barber shears, never mind the idea of letting a child cut your hair with them. Hair Cuts by Kids, a project of the Mamaliian … Read More

Outlook Uncertain: Yes Decidely So

According to the Economist Free Exchange and WSJ you can now add fortunetellers and psychics to the list of counter- cyclical businesses. This has to be the final measure of desperation that the nightmarish American economy has produced. “People will … Read More