A Surprising Porta Potty Experience

We curate some pretty kooky stuff in the Sensory Appeal™ wave. Sensory Appeal™ is about playing around with the senses by changing taste, touch, smells, colors and sounds in way that make you appreciate something in a new light. Unless … Read More

Knoll: Chair Love

Considering how many hours one can be sitting in it, I’m not surprised people get very intense about their work chair. Knoll is known for their ergonomic yet stylish office chairs.  They recently launched myGeneration, “an online hub where people … Read More

Re-Purposed Luxury

Something that’s been popping up recently, and quite a bit for that matter, is the concept of re-purposing older, no longer useful things as luxury items. Now I don’t mean the used pencils I have all over my apartment, or maybe digging bottles out of the trash, I mean something that tells a story. … Read More

7 Chakras, 1 Chair

You know when you go into your office and you sit down at your desk, your body is either doing one of two things. It’s either wincing from the pain caused by a crappy desk chair or slowly falling back asleep with comfort. … Read More