Having an Epiphany?

We aren’t working for gold watches anymore. We are working for satisfaction. “I was sitting in L.A. traffic, and realized I spent more than three hours a day that way.” “One day I just had enough.” “I broke out of … Read More

Valve: Crowdsource Funding.

PC gaming Juggernaut Valve has a dream. That dream is to directly bridge the gap between game design studios and the players, cutting the publishers out of the scene. They describe a system where gamers can look at prospective games, pick the one they want and invest in it. In return they get a copy of the game and if it does well, a return on their investment. … Read More

Ads On Tests Add Up for Teacher

Advertising has had to get creative and sometimes a bit intrusive in order to get our eyes attention in our busy daily lives. But every now and then advertisers get a break, and it’s the consumer that says “hey, look … Read More