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The Human Slingshot

There are some crazy fitness gadgets out there. Sorry but I’ll never get past the odd looking toes on barefoot running shoes, for instance. However this crazy thing is something that I could see...


April Fools, Internet Rage

You can find anything online on April Fool’s Day, canned unicorn meat, pets as food, fake movie and game trailers, altered headlines. And while this is all in good fun, for those of us in the insight world it means twenty-four hours of “is this true” and verification time. But I won’t go into that, what I think is more interesting is the spirit of online April Fools jokes.


Is social media social yet?

Remember when social media was a fun, quirky thing that existed only for the purpose of entertainment? Those days, it seems, are long gone. With every new push into the social media frontier, it seems as it we’re slowly finding ourselves more on the verge of developing “the next big thing” as opposed to something fun.