Juicy Ideas To Cut Down On Packaging

We live in a throw away society. Anyone who has seen the mountainous landfills where our trash ends up can’t help but realize the way we package things is so wasteful. Over packaging is a pet peeve of mine. That’s … Read More

Body Types Described As Works Of Art

A lingerie company in Australia has been in the news recently with an interesting proposal that fit’s perfectly into the Body Warranty™ wave. Triumph launched a campaign to change the way we refer to woman’s body types.  You might be … Read More

Study: Eating Fruit And Veg Makes You Hotter

The Human Truth™ of the Buff Culture™ wave is: “ When I look good, I feel good”.  Well the participants in this recent study from Nottingham University found out when they eat good, they look good! “The students ate five … Read More

Comeback of the “Ugly” Fruits

As a child I use to wonder why grocery store produce was always so much uglier looking than those my mother would pick out at farmers markets. I would suspiciously eye them over thinking my mother was simply too cheap … Read More