Q315 Topic: The Brand Crusade

Trying to fit in a good deed for the day is a challenge for consumers already striving to find a work-life balance in their hectic schedules. … Read More

No Room At The Inn

A family in England are offering their donkey’s stable for people wanting to experience the “true meaning of Christmas“. For £12 a night during this holiday season people can bed down with Buggins the donkey and, by the looks of … Read More

Giving Back: Uniqlo is Doing It Right. BING? Ahhh No.

As the world shakes its head with incomprehension at the destruction in Japan, some companies are showing their true colors with the ways they are Giving Back™.  This week has been full of examples of good and bad reactions to … Read More

An Accidental Tweet That Turned Out Well

This is a funny twitter “incident” that made me chuckle and love the internet even more… (if that’s possible.) The Red Cross employee who mans their twitter account accidently sent out a seemingly drunk tweet.  PR crisis? Nope, the opposite. … Read More

FWD: “Have you seen this one yet?”

Mashable did an article on successful viral vids which I thought was really cool. While watching “All the Single Babies” one more time for old times sake…. the blogger’s comment about it struck me. … Read More

The Family That Wears Snuggies Together…

Described as living in the “strange hinterland between the awesome and the horrific” there will be a Snuggie Pub-Crawl in Chicago on Saturday April 18th. Drunk people stumbling around in Snuggies – my friends…that is my idea of a good … Read More