Athletes Under a Data Microscope

Player tracking data provides new layers of relevant feedback for both casual fans and athletes looking to improve. Tracking technologies enhance the viewing experience for fans by letting them see where their favorite players are located on the field, and … Read More

Emerging Evidence: An Introduction to Li-Fi

Li-Fi, or Light Fidelity, is a form of optical wireless communication through which a signal of information is transmitted using the visible, infrared and ultraviolet light spectrums. … Read More

Play With Yourself

I can’t decide whether this is creepy, egomaniacal or really cool…. Let’s go with all three then shall we! A Japanese company with the ominous name of The Clone Factory will put your EXACT likeness onto a doll for you.  … Read More

The Visual Appeal Of Infographs

2010 is the year I really feel in love with infographs.  I have always liked them but for some reason they seemed to really get great this year.  Check out Best Infographics of 2010 for some examples.  If you … Read More

Rickshaw Drivers in Pune, India Required To Carry Bio-Cryptic ID

The recent terrorist attacks in India are most likely responsible for a new policy being adopted in Pune, India. The Pune Regional Transport Authority has made bio-cryptic registration cards mandatory for all the auto drivers’ owners in the city. The … Read More