ApolloPlus40:Unfolding the Past In Real Time

By now, most of us are familiar with the social networking phenom that is Twitter. Twitter has proven to be a great way to keep up with our fast paced, fast changing world, by following life as it unfolds in real time. The ApolloPlus40 project, created by Nature News, proves that Twitter is not just a great way to discover what people are doing now; it can also help us discover the past. … Read More

iOwn iPhone

In the new world of communications, you can make your own product modifications. It’s like you are your own brand manager. Take your iPod touch, add a little JAJAH technology, and just like that you have an iPhone. … Read More

The New Hacker Movement? Yeah, there’s an App for that.

Apple recently rejected the new Google voice app for it’s iPhone, yet more than likely nearly 4 million people are using it. From their iPhone. Apple has done some controversial app rejections as of late and a few people decided to do something about it by founding Cydia, the AppStore for the Jailbroken. … Read More

TelegramStop: Send a Tradition Telegram the Easy Way

TelegramStop is a new Melbourne, Australia-based enterprise that has become a popular alternative to e-mails and traditional greeting cards. I have never received one before but I do get excited if I receive an actual card over an e-card so I would probably pass out if I got a telegram!! … Read More

h8 U! Text Messaging Scam?

The number of text messages that will be sent in 2009 is expected to reach 3.3 trillion; a projected increase of 32% from 2007.  Even though it seems like a huge amount of data, experts contend that the bandwidth required … Read More

Doing One Thing… Well

Ok, so tech fetishists love to brag about how many wide and varied features their new device has but… some people just want simplicity in their life.  Take a Peek at “Peek”, which tackles just a single task: mobile email. … Read More