Everything’s Coming Up Purple

If we are what we eat, we should all be feeling a bit more like Violet Beauregard in 2018—that is, if Instagram has any sway over us.  Rummaging through seed catalogs is one of my favorite things to do every … Read More

Foodwise: Rainbow Road

The saying “taste the rainbow” seems to have taken on new meaning over the past year. We are witnesses to this trend of brightly hued food that is flooding our daily feeds with photo after photo of synesthesia-inspired delicacies. These … Read More

MAD MAX: BLACK &CHROME makes for a lovely day indeed

While most post-apocalyptic films try to wash as much color out as possible, George Miller wanted to do something different with the palette of Fury Road to create a different experience than audiences are used to. This was option B. … Read More

Soothing the Suicidal

What makes someone jump in front of a speeding train? Instead of trying to answer that complex question, one railway company has decided to take more preventive action against the dramatically rising risk both to people and property in Japan. … Read More

Using Color To Help Prevent Suicide

We’ve been talking about chromotherapy for years. The idea that color can soothe, relax and calm people in stressful situations has always been an interesting theory, but it seems to further we push into more hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, colors may become an easy escape. … Read More

Hey Look, Sony Targets Girl Gamers With… Girly Things

If you’re a girl and a gamer, Sony thinks you really love glitter, stickers and Hannah Montana. … Read More