No, You Don’t Deserve a Cooking Show

For years I have been a late night baker. I’ve spent hours in a fiery rage watching batch after batch of royal icing fail, I’ve facepalmed and cringed as cakes fell flat and cookies burned to a crisp—I think my … Read More

Crunchcore, for the musically discerning foodie

New studies have shown that music, and by extension background noise in general, affects the way food tastes and how you experience it. This to some extent, explains why airline food is always viewed as terrible; the sheer amount of background noise you are constantly exposed to literally drowns out the taste. … Read More

Be a Man: Learn to Cook

Now there’s something you don’t hear every day. Yet poll results proved that most agree. One macho man website, the Art of Manliness, asked readers “Is Cooking Manly?”. A whopping 95% responded yes. Curiously, most men around us don’t –with … Read More