Diversifying for Change

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that it is no longer good enough to simply be an automaker. Car companies are having to diversify not just their products (like smart functions or self driving), but their business models as a … Read More

Driving out the competition.

UberCab is an internet company that allows people to request private car service through their phone. … Read More

Gone in 90 seconds.

Using a key encoder purchased on the European black market, thieves steal the password, program a blank key and drive away in less than 90 seconds. … Read More

Objects in Mirror Are Losing

We can all be conquerors. … Read More

The Armored Car Fit For a Czar

I worked with a Russian guy once. He existed on nothing but meat, potatoes, Marlboro reds and vodka… yes, he was a very manly man. When I saw this crazy Russian vehicle I thought of him- he would have loved it. … Read More

Rent A Veyron, $25,000 A Day

For those of you that can afford the seven figure price tag on a Bugatti Veyron, congratulations. If you can’t however, and have an extra $25,000 laying around, you can at least drive one for a day. … Read More