Native Americana

We have begun exploring America’s true edible heritage. … Read More


Earlier this month, America celebrated the Fourth of July. Or as it’s known in my neighborhood: “Fireworks-are-too-fun-to-be-illegal day.” … Read More

The Speed of Faster

To say we shift gears a lot as a culture is an understatement. We’re constantly on the move, constantly looking for something new, something better. You could say it has become so ingrained into the American way of life that we’ve come to expect a 24/7 accessible world. … Read More

Mapping Main Street

Main Street USA; it is a staple of political rhetoric, we are told of its suffering at the hands of big box retailers, but where exactly is Main Street and what does it look like? … Read More

Secret Millionaire

Here’s another example of how some people have decided that finding the meaning of life entails proactively seeking how to give it meaning. Fox’s latest reality show Secret Millionaire takes multimillionaires from across the country and places them in some … Read More