The Future Of The Perfect Fit

I got home from a shopping trip and had fun showing some friends my purchases.  You gotta  love a good “oooo & aaaah” when you’ve probably spent more than you should. Even though it’s definitely a “first world problem”, I … Read More

Feel The Vibration

Those who roll their eyes at 3D movies get ready to groan at the concept of 4D movies!  It’s a new kind of cinema seating that vibrates according to the action on screen. “Thirty-five of the shifting and vibrating D-BOX … Read More

Tesco Brings New Tech To Shoppers

Tesco, the British retail and grocery chain continues to dominate when it come to tech innovations. I was impressed a while back by their cool QR code virtual shopping wall that turned up in south korea subway station. Commuters waiting … Read More

Scanning For A Perfect Fit

I HATE SHOPPING FOR JEANS!!! I guess I have “unusual” proportions, because its always a chore to find the right fit. That’s why when I saw this article I immediately had to check if it was real and not just … Read More

Stylish 3D Eyewear

Private Pampering™ is not about needs… it’s wants.  You might need food but you want to treat yourself to a gourmet meal. You might need clothing, but you want the designer esteem boost.  Well that’s why these glasses fit perfectly … Read More

3D Overload?

I’m starting to feel like everything Nintendo releases these days is a one trick pony. Sure, the Wii brought us motion sensors and a greater sense of interaction with games by flailing around and laughing at each other, but now that we’ve moved on from Wii Sports Nintendo has a new push into sensory territory; 3D. … Read More

Culture of Upgrade

One thing we can’t deny about our culture is that we are technological nomads. Once we discover something, we use it until we’ve tapped out our interest and then promptly move on to something else. However, it’s not always a quick transition. Blu-Ray is taking a while. I believe this is because people don’t feel there is enough of a difference to justify the cost versus DVD. … Read More

Dimensional Thinking

If you haven’t heard anything about Augment Reality (AR) or the 3D resurgence in the past few years, and especially the last few months, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Don’t worry. We are. … Read More

NFL + 3-D = front row seats

If 3-D doesn’t give Hi-Def television a run for their money we don’t know what will. Finally switching over from analog to hi-def, and already a faint voice is creeping up taunting, “gotta get 3-D, gotta get 3-D, gotta get … Read More