• Identify. Understand. Engage.

    It’s time to give your audience its voice.

  • Actionable Insights & Trends

  • Give Your Audience A

    Hear what they are saying. See what they are doing. Then talk back.

Help Provide a Clearer Picture of Your Customer Behavior Through Actions, not Words.


With VOICE, you can identify and segment your audience by behavior. We give you their interests, their needs, and their motivations.


Our results are filtered through the lenses of your category and your brand. Think about it. More than 160 billion digital and physical consumer signals daily at your disposal, complete with the analysis that gives you precise messaging and placement opportunities.


Observed behavior gives you what your consumer really cares about, so you can speak to them in their language. Your information becomes more relevant and more relied upon because you are following their actions, not their words.

What We Can Do For You

We at CultureWaves believe that consulting should be defined by you, your category, your needs–and be specific to your brand. To that end, we offer a variety of services to help you know your audience better.

VOICE is our primary tool to help you get data that is relevant, recent, and actionable–the real assistance you need. With VOICE, we help you define new opportunities and revenue streams, allocate your messaging and promotion dollars more effectively, and reduce time spent on segmentation and surveying.

Beyond VOICE, CultureWaves offers marketing and consulting services that include monthly and quarterly reports, category reports, menu development and research immersion.

Find out how to give your audience a VOICE.
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Complete Line of Services

We take the most cutting-edge behavioral aspects of life and turn them into relevant insights that have the power to change purchasing behavior.


A quick update on key category insights supported by consumer and/or market behavior examples.


A deep look at what is influencing a category. Can be custom designed to include flavor curves, adoption timeline and behavior segmentation.


A visual, at-a-glance insights reference.

Speaking Engagements

We can speak at events, trade shows, and inter-company gatherings.

Dinearound Service

Our Dinearound reports offer an immersive, national look at what’s happening on menus, specific to your category. The perfect starting place for menu innovation.

Ideations & Brand Immersions

We offer immersive, experiential workshops that showcase opportunities for your company with tactile exercises and dining experiences.


Our VOICE reports offer actionable segmentation based on observed behavior.

View our free Lunch infographic.

Give Us A Try

We always start with behavior, and end with behavior defined and ready to use, with a series of actionable steps included.

Call to start a conversation. Or, if you hate talking on the phone, send us an email. We are confidential, sign NDA’s, and we offer category exclusivity when possible.

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