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Boxfish Bionic Car Study

Green Echo is all about imitating natural design, and it is becoming so popular, we can’t begin to report all the evidence that’s turning up. Instead of a fear of losing what nature gives them, or feeling guilty because of what “we’ve” done to it, this group seeks to be in tune. They are less concerned with protesting and more interested in making progress.


Supermac Creative Mac & Cheese

DVR Lifestyle is all about finding the good parts of the movie-the movie being your life-and living in those moments. Ten is the new 15, and 40 is the new 30! Age has nothing to do with how people act of feel. They enjoy the experience of fast forwarding or rewinding to capture and freeze-frame moments that represent peak experiences.


Stampede Light® The Power Beer

We saw this Wave in rip-roaring operation during the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago. People want good with their bad, in a big way. Organic cookies, ice cream, and mixers. They have tired of the yo-yo dieting and we see an emerging consumer beginning to request food that has some goodness right next to or on top of the bad.