Custom Insight Solutions

CultureWaves offers products that help delve into the client perspective–monitored by our curators and shaped by behavior in order to tell the story of consumer needs.



The CultureWaves DIVE is an in-depth look at a category of your choice, done on a project basis with a guaranteed two-week delivery or less. It offers deep, fresh perspective . . . rich, qualitative insights . . . and not-so-obvious associations that help you find your opportunities and white space for everything from content to new product development.



The CultureWaves SCOUT is an in-the-moment look at any subject of your choice, offered on a retainer basis for easy access to the information with a 48-hour turnaround. It gives you insights into what’s happening in the form of a category evolution—where it was, where it is, and where it’s headed.



First-of-its-kind, needs-based segmentation solution combining AI (artificial intelligence) and HI (human intelligence). Our science reveals your most valuable customer types through their digital behavior. By monitoring key personas and archetypes on a regular basis, you can track, analyze, and observe shifts in behavior to gain insights on your core customers and uncover new segments to grow your business. Learn More »



The Sparcwire FEED is access to a front end feed from our proprietary software. It allows you to see evidence as it comes in and be constantly in-the-know, with the ability to use your own conclusions for reporting, newsletters and other communications. Hour by hour, minute by minute, you can power browse this one-of-a-kind feed to see what’s going on in life, hand curated and filtered to save you the time of searching. Use it to jump start any story you need to tell with real and relevant evidence and ideas.