Most people can see the dots—but not everyone can connect them. That is where CultureWaves steps in. We monitor, interpret and analyze consumer behavior in order to tell the story of consumer needs—and how that every-changing story is relevant to your brand or company.

We Know Human Behavior

We make our clients relevant to their consumers by examining behavior on a daily basis. This allows us to tell the story of consumer needs, explain why those needs are important and tie them back to the bigger picture—not just what consumers are looking for, but why they’re looking for something in the first place.

How We Do It

We use a combination of filters that track how trends and behavior move through life. Those filters include an application of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to help us identify where these things fit into consumers’ lives, and proprietary macro trends (waves) that help tie these needs to a bigger picture. Using our proprietary software, we track relevant data in order to develop strategy and identify those “whitespace” opportunities that will help bring into focus the direction your brand should take in order to stay relevant to consumers’ needs.

Why Waves?

There is an old adage about watching waves come in and catching them as they peak. That’s what we do for our clients—we watch the evolution of trends and behavior and help identify new products, new campaigns, and new ideas that help keep you ahead of the curve.

What We Offer

Our service can help you cut through the staggering amount of information out there so you can uncover what is relevant to your needs and the needs of your target. Our insights are able to fuel everything from ideation, inspiration and brand messaging to new product development, rebranding and content creation.