Old Stories-New Healing

Older people love to reminisce and share old stories. That’s not news, but what is news is how telling old stories in a consistent setting can help people improve their memory and their health. … Read More

Out of Work; into Fun.

Not everyone who is out of work is sweating it. Some are looking at those 50 weeks of unemployment checks they’ll be cashing and deciding to have as much fun as they can-for as long as they can. It’s called funemployment, and that’s exactly what it is. … Read More

Off the Clock Dining

If you’ve ever paid top dollar in a fancy restaurant and had the waiter practically pull your chair out from under you to get you to leave, you’ve been the victim of “table turning.” That obnoxious trend is being reversed by some of the finest celebrity chefs in the world, and patrons are enjoying the benefits. … Read More

Unsticking Time

We’ve all had those times in life where we feel stuck in time, perhaps unable to make a decision that we know will change our life. The “Birth Clock” is one artist’s way of helping us to commemorate the moment we make a decision and move on with our lives. … Read More

Stop the Social Madness!

In the age of 24-hour social networking, how do you take a break? NOSO has the answer: make an appointment to meet people who promise not to talk to you, notice you, or engage you in any way. It’s called a “NO” event, and you can schedule it at a cafe, park, library, bookstore, or any public place. … Read More

Stillness 2007-Stop the World

Imagine the sound of an electronic arts conference. You’d think ringtones, digital music, and the whir or recorders, right? Try “Stillness.” … Read More