Unsticking Time

We’ve all had those times in life where we feel stuck in time, perhaps unable to make a decision that we know will change our life. The “Birth Clock” is one artist’s way of helping us to commemorate the moment we make a decision and move on with our lives. … Read More

Stop the Social Madness!

In the age of 24-hour social networking, how do you take a break? NOSO has the answer: make an appointment to meet people who promise not to talk to you, notice you, or engage you in any way. It’s called a “NO” event, and you can schedule it at a cafe, park, library, bookstore, or any public place. … Read More

Stillness 2007-Stop the World

Imagine the sound of an electronic arts conference. You’d think ringtones, digital music, and the whir or recorders, right? Try “Stillness.” … Read More