Racism and Education

An article that seems to lead to more questions and confusion rather than answers, but then education and science frequently are like that. When secondary students in England who were taught about the holocaust in primary school were compared to … Read More

Atheism is the New Religion

In the United States and around the world the number of people who profess to be atheists is growing. According to the Pew Foundation the number of persons in the United States who claim to be Atheist has risen from … Read More

Kanye Calls on His Fans to ‘ Open Their Minds’

Kanye West is always a surprising individual. Since his rise to fame he has been busy breaking a long list of stereotypes that are commonly associated with Hip Hop artists. Kanye has now begun a new quest. Now that the … Read More

Queen Bees

What happens when you get seven extremely superficial bitchy girls in a house together? You get a lot of drama. Drama, name-dropping, looks slamming, and call outs. So what happens when these girls get told they’re actually in this house … Read More

Wal-Mart’s New Jewelry Line

Wal-Mart is introducing a new line of gold and silver jewelry that you can trace from mine to store. It's a new move to comply with even richer environmental and human-rights standards. The line is being called Love, Earth and … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

If Your Neighbors Kill Animals, You May Have to Hear About It.

Have you ever considered torturing someone’s neighbor to teach them a lesson? Animal rights activists have done more than consider it, they have been. As one tactic in an increasingly personal assault against researchers who conduct animal tests, protestors are … Read More

Motivational Poster 2.0 ( Thank Goodness!)

There seems to be nothing less effective than the well intentioned, but utterly uninspiring inspirational poster. Every time I see one on the faux-wood paneled walls of some pathetic office the only thing I can think of is my cheesy … Read More

John Hopkins is on the Bus

The unreliable hippy types at John Hopkins departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Neuroscience have confirmed that psilocybin, the primary alkaloid in “magic” mushrooms, is an effective and essentially harmless and long lasting treatment for anxiety, depression, and drug … Read More

Doctors Embrace the Healing Power of Music

The power music has to change our mood or elevate our spirit is almost universally accepted. Philosophers, poets and artists have long spoke of the transformational power of music, but up until recently, finding a scientific study that validated these … Read More

Designing the Greater Good

Can designers save the world as we know it? The Designers Accord is a global multidisciplinary coalition dedicated to creating design that has a positive environmental and social impact. The idea has received some criticism because there are as of … Read More