Quiet in the “Sunni Triangle of Death”

It is a sadly exceptional moment that we hear any good news from Iraq, or anywhere else for that matter. However, there have been several recent reports that paint a glimmer of hope around the gloomy issue of the Iraqi … Read More

Beauty and The Blast Wall: The Aesthetics of Hope

Blast walls, prefabricated concrete barriers used by occupational forces to protect civilians and soldiers from car bombs, explosions and insurgent attacks, have literally carved Baghdad into a grim maze. The duality of walls is not lost on these residents. They … Read More

Meaning in the Pointlessness

You might think that our never-ending search for Inner Balance™ usually involves something from the self sacrifice, spiritual, philanthropic categories. So we’re delighted to show you a piece that strays far from anything charitable or sacrificial in nature. In fact, … Read More

Secret Millionaire

Here’s another example of how some people have decided that finding the meaning of life entails proactively seeking how to give it meaning. Fox’s latest reality show Secret Millionaire takes multimillionaires from across the country and places them in some … Read More

Dream Big! “An Awesome Book”

It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane and forget about our dreams. Maybe we have resigned ourselves to a less than exceptional existence or maybe our circumstances have dictated that we put our true desire on hold for … Read More


In our search for the meaning of life, some have found that the answer lies not in a definite answer but in a process, an experience, something that leads us in a direction of how to give life meaning instead. … Read More

The Experience Design Manifesto and The Face Of Corporate Self-Actualization

What does the idea of Self Actualization look like when viewed through a corporate lens? What does it mean for a corporation to Self Actualize? The term “User Experience” is common in the world of Web 2.0 design. After reading … Read More

Bling with a Conscience

If people want to look good on the outside and also feel good on the inside, Wal-Mart has a new line of jewelry that fits their needs. That’s right; Wal-Mart has introduced a line of jewelry that can be traced back to the original place where it was mined. They call it the Love, Earth® collection… … Read More

The Art of Eating Is In The Seating…

  …according to Restaurateur Edward Ng, who owns 2 restaurants in Sydney and another two in Melbourne Australia.  For this China man, religion and culture have everything to do with the success of his businesses. Ng believes in ‘feng shui … Read More

Souls? Prove it.

  For some, the existence of a soul is absolute, a fact, a belief where upon millions have died in the name of “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Whether you’re Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Christian, whatever, the … Read More