7 Chakras, 1 Chair

You know when you go into your office and you sit down at your desk, your body is either doing one of two things. It’s either wincing from the pain caused by a crappy desk chair or slowly falling back asleep with comfort. … Read More

Money. Who needs it?

Daniel Suelo lives in a cave near Moab, Utah, in contented fashion without using money in any way, shape, or form. He’s existed without using money for almost 10 years and loves it. … Read More

Between Dawkins & Evangelism: The Religious Independents

I’m definitely not a “ Bah! Humbug(er)!”-I love Christmas! I’m a technically termed a Catholic but if we were sticking to “The Rules”–I wouldn’t be a very “good” one. … Read More

Heartwill: An Online Safe Box For Your Memories

So many of us live an “online” life. It’s no wonder that a site has come along that gives us a forum to store our memories and create a legacy that will live on for the generations that come after we are gone. … Read More

Too much stuff!

There’s no better time than the present to step back and reevaluate our priorities in life. In the spirit of Inner Balance, “Without meaning, what’s the point?” it makes you step back and think about what’s really important. Is that new purse or expensive coat really that necessary Wouldn’t the one you spent 100 bucks on a month ago really do the job? Or last year’s coat in the closet? Does spending money on stuff really make you happy? … Read More

Beauty in Balance

In our tightwire world of trying to get on top of things and often just hoping to get by, it’s no wonder people are searching more franticly than ever for meaning in their lives. One example in the Inner Balance Wave points way back to Egyptology for a remedy. … Read More

Scientology Gets a Makeover

New Scientology Commerical: Life To be brutally honest, I don’t believe little aliens living inside of me would be essential to better “know myself”, or certainly not helpful to those on some spiritual journey. But who are we to judge … Read More

GMH – Gives Me Hope

Have you heard of F*ck My Life? It’s a site where people can anonymously share short tales of woe that you can’t help but chuckle at. Here’s an example from FML:

“Today, I was cleaning my father’s study room and wondering why I did not receive my acceptance/rejection letter from a college I really wanted. I found the acceptance letter, on his desk, also approving of a full scholarship. The deadline to confirm was a month ago. FML” … Read More

The Growth of Kirtan in the West

Sure you could go drink away your financial woes on a Saturday night but then you wake up Sunday with a hangover, regret and minus a bunch of precious cash. Or you could sing your way to a bliss that … Read More

Beauty and The Blast Wall: The Aesthetics of Hope

Blast walls, prefabricated concrete barriers used by occupational forces to protect civilians and soldiers from car bombs, explosions and insurgent attacks, have literally carved Baghdad into a grim maze. The duality of walls is not lost on these residents. They … Read More