wine + yoga=:)

Los Angeles' Yeah Dave Yoga and Angela Gargano of Bliss Flow Yoga in Madison Wisconsin are pushing for a marriage of yoga and wine tasting. I see this as an Inner Balance wave because of the almost spiritual experience of … Read More

The meaning of Life is…

Throughout history there has not been anything as misunderstood as our perception of life, at least to the scientific community. There are more conflicting theories about life as we know it, than there are scientists. Carol Cleland, teacher of philosophy … Read More

Eat, Pray, Love

 EAT, PRAY, LOVE is seen the arms of women ( and a few men) EVERYWHERE.  You can't catch a bus, train or plane without seeing someone engrossed in this #1 Best Seller.  Why is it such a hit? Well, being … Read More

Spatial Self Actualization

Have you seen the dust devils captured on video back in April by the Spirit Rover on Mars?  Space exploration is a unifying event for humanity.  The International Space Station (ISS) just installed new living quarters built in Italy called … Read More

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