Tonkalicious Suzuki

"Brrrroooom Brrrooom I'M A BIG BOY NOW!! I GET TO DRIVE A BIG BOY TRUCK!! BEEP BEEP"  Suzuki plays to men's infantile longings with the Suzuki X-HEAD concept truck. There's a difference between reminiscing and regressing. The past may be … Read More

The Return of the Mixtape

The movie High Fidelity with John Cusack struck a chord with so many guys who could the relate to the gentle art of the "mix tape". Putting together a mix tape (which, over the decades, would evolve into illegal file … Read More

Modern Mythology

Ron Hutt’s paintings (recently featured in a New York Times article) are hipped-up versions of Greek red figure vases, such as the painting above in which we see Aphrodite after her rendezvous with Ares calling her husband Hephaestus on her … Read More

Vinyl Enjoys New Popularity

We all know that video killed the radio star and that the cd killed vinyl. But now that the mp3 is at the top of the evolutionary food chain of music mediums the cd may be in its last days … Read More

Retro Ride

Based on a 1490s sketch by Leonardo da Vinci, this cool new Ride’s rear hub mimics an infinite number of gears, rather than the mere 21 offered by the usual chain-yanking transmission.  That sounds simple enough, but then again, I'm … Read More

Russian Nostalgia for A Spy’s Path

Russia is needing some nostalgia these days.  It's a signal to the rest of the world that Russia is still relevant in the world of high stakes destruction.  George Koval had top security clearance to the Manhattan project during his … Read More

Pac Man Rings

The geek movement doesn't seem to be slowing down, and now it's spanning out further into retro-geek. About a year ago we saw a demand for 8-bit stylized shirts and messenger bags, the second coming of the Nintendo Entertainment System, … Read More

retro radio flyer

Diana+ Reissue from Lomo

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