Radio Survival

Will radio survive technological changes?  A recent New York Times article questioned radio’s ability to rebound considering all the competing technologies from iPods and other music storage mediums including cell phones  to internet radio. I have little compassion for greedy … Read More

Authentically Fashionable: Hard Working American Brands Find New Generation Of Devotees

There is good news for Levi, Redwing, Woolrich, and other American heritage brands from the fashion world. The traditional American Sportswear look is back. Although many designers, most notably Ralph Lauren, have long been inspired by the lure of  rustic … Read More

Polardroid: The App That Cures Your Yearning for the Polaroid You Never Used

2.3 seconds after Polaroid announced that they would no longer be producing film for instant cameras Polaroid fans everywhere were filled with anguish. 14. 7 seconds after the announcement the entire world developed a distinct feeling of nostalgia for their … Read More

Kirin Beer Goes Retro, Again

Always a fan of innovation, Japan's beer market also tends to go backwards from time to time. Recently a revival in products from the "Golden Era" of Japan have been popping up everywhere, from candy bars and sodas, and now … Read More

Big Al Sent Me

What looks like an innocent New York City hot dog joint called Crif Dogs is really the secret entrance to PDT which stands for “please don’t tell.” All you have to do is slip into the vintage phone booth and knock. … Read More

Timex 80

  Personally I was too young to wear these when they first came out, but somehow I still remember wanting one. Famous brands re-releasing previously popular products have stayed in demand these days.  Retro jukeboxes, retro fridges, toasters, tables, hell … Read More

Martini and Rossi Cash In on the Legend of Andy Warhol

Martini and Rossi are looking to capitalize on the immortal popularity of pop- artist Andy Warhol with their new “Martini Factory” campaign. The campaign features a re-release of several advertisements that Martini and Rossi commissioned a very young Warhol to … Read More

Meshing Cult Classics and Music

The techno band Zombie-Zombie has contributed to a growing trend amongst musicians on the fringe of their respective genres; recreating one of their favorite sci-fi and/or horror movies for a music video. Other bands have been doing this as well; … Read More

Strange Europeans Bring Baggy Britches Back From the Grave

Sometimes you see a trend coming but you just don’t want to admit that it’s true. When I saw these pictures of baggy pleated awfulness I knew that it was time to move out of the denial phase and brace … Read More

Chrono Trigger Returns

You may remember a piece a few quarters ago about a video game selling for over a thousand dollars, and well, that game has come up in news again. Chrono Trigger, after 13 years of requests and a dedicated fanbase, … Read More