The Dream of the ‘90s

The classic ‘90s TV show, Boy Meets World, will be revisited with Girl Meets World, a spinoff featuring the two main characters now as parents. … Read More

“Dope Hoodie My Liege”

Is fashion just running out of eras to dub “retro”? Or is this hoodie just badass? I’m thinking both. I’m seeing this hoodie re-blogged a BUNCH today. So much so, that the designer Chadwick Dillon, has to chill out his … Read More

Luxury Brands Time Traveling

We know fashion often draws from the past in an ever evolving cycle of appropriation. Like when it’s inspired by previous fads and generations. I used to joke last decade when the 80’s came back… What next? A 90’s fad? … Read More

Neverending Story E-Reader Cover

This really appealed to me. Neverending Story is one of my favorite childhood films! To this day, I still tear up when I think of the beautiful horse “Artax” sinking beneath the Swamps of Sorrow as Artreyu cries his name … Read More

Brands Are Mad About The Muppets

Who’s excited about the new Muppets Movie!!??  Meeee!  And apparently a BUNCH of brands are too! Brooks Brothers have dressed Kermie in several outfits in the upcoming film. He’s looking very dapper in a custom-made notch lapel “Fitzgerald”-style tuxedo, pleated … Read More

What’s New At NEXT? Childhood!

Mac & cheese, burgers, Autumn “walks in the woods”, lunchboxes, fruit roll ups, beef jerky, Oreos, berry juice boxes, Brussels sprouts, licking batter off a beater, campfires, s’mores, hot chocolate. Ahhhhh… Childhood. The widely respected Chicago restaurant Next, will be … Read More

The Power of Nostalgia

Toys seem to feature heavily in the Time Travel™ wave. It’s not surprising really when you think about the nostalgia for childhood that they embody. And boy is nostalgia a strong feeling, with powerful connotations. I think Don Draper says … Read More


Armed with an iPad® and a pair of vintage Nike® high-tops neatly tucked into slim-fit jeans, they stand in line and compare t-shirts. One of them will have a vintage Madonna tour shirt, the other a Saved by the Bell-themed … Read More

A Modern Mad Max?

I HAD to make sure this was for real when I read it! First of all as an Aussie, there is a vested interest in anything as iconic as the Mad Max films.  I grew up awestruck at our vast … Read More

Typewriter Keyboard For iPad

I’m a very tactile person.  So as much as I am a self professed apple fan girl, I do sometimes miss clicking away on an actual keyboard rather than the touchscreen (although the clicky-sounds helps).  I also had a friend … Read More