Fairy Tales

So now the most holy of childhood holies has come under scrutiny of the Nanny State. Teachers are now being urged to give children safety messages after reading them fairy tales so they don’t copy the behavior of Little Red … Read More

Advertising to Children Makes Money

A memo was leaked from Britain’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport that opposed proposed legislation to ban alcohol ads on television before 9:00 P.M. The memo estimated that such a ban could cost TV stations £100 million. The memo … Read More

Problem Brit Kids No Talk Good

A report was recently released in Britain that communication skills among students in primary schools is troublingly poor and declining. Evidently, 7% of the children entering primary school in the UK are unable to speak in complete sentences and are … Read More

Chocolate, the Next Caviar

Cocoa plants typically grow in a biologically diverse and shady rainforest environment and live between 75 and 100 years, but modern cocoa production involves large scale monocropping that requires the removal of rainforest, rapidly depletes the soil, pollutes waterways with … Read More

You May Want to Pick Up SCUBA Diving Before Mid-Century

The results of studies by a team of chemical oceanographers involving CO2 absorption in the world’s oceans were released in the July edition of the journal nature. The report was rather grim. The oceans are responsible for absorbing around 40% … Read More

Secure Your Magical Artifacts

Since World of Warcraft has become a second or first life for many online gamers, it is no wonder that securing one’s character from outside tampering is increasingly important. Individuals spend hundreds of hours amassing money, equipment, and experience in … Read More

K-Mart’s Symbolic Chastity Belt

What better way to proclaim your ideological positioning than writing across your crotch and ass. K-Mart has stocked its shelves with women’s athletic pants that read “True Love Waits” in large bold lettering across the front and back. Abstinence is … Read More

Destroy Viruses and Bacteria with a Wave of Your Wand

The company Sharper Image is offering a handheld sanitation device based on UV technology. It only takes ten seconds of bombarding silverware, keyboards, instruments, doorknobs, or virtually anything else with UV radiation to eliminate a whole host of nasty pathogens. … Read More

Putin has Dissenters Digitally Erased

Vladimir Putin and his political machine have tightened their grip on Russia’s already cowed media. Political programs like “Throw Down the Gauntlet” used to feature opposition parties, but no more. When the occasional voice speaks up, in even mild rebuke … Read More

Rats Flee Sinking Ship

Twenty client advisors and some of their support staff have resigned from UBS, the world’s largest wealth management firm. UBS has recently written down more than $37 billion dollars related to sub-prime loans in the U.S. Those leaving the company … Read More