It’s Twelve O’clock: Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

This just in… courtesy of Captain Obvious, the largest lending institutions in the United States are experiencing a nuclear meltdown that makes the collapse of Enron seem like child’s play. The government is taking some highly controversial actions to reduce … Read More


This seemed so much like common sense, so rational, that it will no doubt be adopted in every truly democratic nation in the world, and perhaps, someday, in the United States. That of course was sarcasm, but it is true … Read More

GPS Anklets for All?

Have young celebs made wearing GPS ankle bracelets the latest fad? Sure, Lohan and Rodriguez can make such things seem almost cool, even influence fashion with their clothing choices that were made to cover or even accentuates the devices. Have … Read More

Caution: Pink Zone

One of the worst feelings in the world is the realization that your tires have just hit a patch of ice. Now, thanks to a new temperature-sensitive coating, you may soon be able to tell when the temperature on the road is approaching freezing. … Read More

Hacker Responsible for $5.1 Billion online heist

The latest on online crime: Hacker steals identity information of over 8 million pepole, a potential worth of over $5.1 Billion, after breaking in Best Western Hotel’s online booking system. He then sold details of how to access that info through … Read More

The Power of the Fingerprint

In a process catchily dubbed desorption electrospray ionization, or DESI, a solvent is applied to fingerprints and spectroscopic analysis can detect the chemical compounds that are forming the fingerprint. This has applications for criminal apprehension, crime prevention, and disease detection. … Read More

We’re Not Selling Because No One Wants It, Were Just Busy Elsewhere

The biotech company Monsanto has finally given up its struggle to gain consumer acceptance of its bovine growth hormone that was approved for use in U.S. dairy cows in 1993 but has been banned in Canada and many European nations. … Read More

Blast Trauma: Invisible Forces Wreak Havoc on Soldiers Bodies and Change the Shape of Tomorrow’s Army

Unfortunately, our biggest technological leaps often occur during times of war. For the United States the war in Iraq has been full of many unpleasant new challenges that we have often found ourselves unprepared for. Apart from the strategic difficulties … Read More

The One

  Now I've heard it all.  Obama the Anti-christ! Respectively implied, and paid for by the McCain campaign! Now I'm going to be honest, I'm no fan of Obama by any means but this seriously  makes me want to go … Read More

Did Religious Groups Decide What You Can Watch Again?

In the sort of protest that failed to dent Disney’s profits or halt  Harry Potter’s rise to popular icon status, fundamentalist Christians and Catholic organizations have, in unusual agreement, decried the film The Golden Compass and the entire children’s fantasy … Read More