In the 2004 flick The Day After Tomorrow, Hollywood gave us the worst case scenario of the possible effects of global warming and climate change, showering us with natural disasters to the tune of worldwide hurricanes, tornadoes, below freezing temperatures … Read More

Military Upgrade Backlog

If you’re a little paranoid and look to the military as your shield against an unlikely attack, this might drive you down into your bunker. Reports from Northrop Grumman reveal that the B-2 Stealth Bomber has finally gotten the go-ahead to be upgraded to a Pentium processor and a new disk drive. … Read More

Butterfly Storm

For all the flat-earthers out there who are still saying, what the hey, I don’t work for an American auto company, and I drive a Toyota anyhow, (and I include the Republican Senators from Dixieland who consider their constituents to … Read More

Insurance Insurance Scam

Just as government is ideally where people combine together to get things done that the individual cannot do on their own, i.e. infrastructure such as roads, etc., insurance is supposed to spread risk that the individual has,  such as fire … Read More

Shielding can be it’s own Danger

Taking sides in legal matters is always fraught with dangers, as in all matters historical, they often have subtleties that come back on those who choose sides early. Caveat aside, something always smells funny when a prosecutor settles for a … Read More

Outlook Uncertain: Yes Decidely So

According to the Economist Free Exchange and WSJ you can now add fortunetellers and psychics to the list of counter- cyclical businesses. This has to be the final measure of desperation that the nightmarish American economy has produced. “People will … Read More

Google’s New Flu Tracker: A Public Service?

  While many citizens have never read, or even heard of George Orwell’s novel 1984, you’d be hard pressed to find a citizen that doesn’t know who or what “Big Brother” refers to. Orwell’s novel about an all knowing totalitarian … Read More

Russia: Shadows of the Cold War Dampen American Spirit

In the last four years there has been an increasingly hostile dialogue between the Governments of the United States and Russia. Today the Russian President, Dmitri A. Medvedev, sent a threatening and accusatory message to the United States. In response … Read More

The Next (Tsunami) Wave

  This is a wave that no one is looking forward to- the inevitable one of credit card crunch as the need to buy even basics with credit cards as home credit lines disappear and mortgage rates shoot skyward begins … Read More

Driven to Distraction

The responses to this little cell phone add-on were what drives me to make a comment here. A Canadian company has come up with some clever little bit of software which is supposed to recognize when the phone is moving … Read More