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Fuel Poverty Rising

In Britain, there are two factors seriously impacting the ability to pay the everyday fuel cost of living; rising unemployment and higher energy prices. Sound familiar? Those two factors are creating a similar class of fuel-poor people in the U.S.


High-Water Anxiety

When the ice cap melts, how high will the water reach? Specifically, how high will it read in the building you live in? In Bristol, England, those questions were graphically answered by the Watermark Project.



In the 2004 flick The Day After Tomorrow, Hollywood gave us the worst case scenario of the possible effects of global warming and climate change, showering us with natural disasters to the tune of...


Military Upgrade Backlog

If you’re a little paranoid and look to the military as your shield against an unlikely attack, this might drive you down into your bunker. Reports from Northrop Grumman reveal that the B-2 Stealth Bomber has finally gotten the go-ahead to be upgraded to a Pentium processor and a new disk drive.