In Britain, Terrorism Is Becoming A Domestic Criminal Issue

"War on terror" will not be used as a phrase by the British government to describe public attacks according to Brittan’s chief prosecutor.  Sir Ken Macdonald is calling terrorists "death cult” members rather than soldiers fighting a war.  According to … Read More

Droide Aides Shoppers

New for shielding is an item that may make being lost a thing of the past. A new humanoid robot developed by Osaka based Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) is able to identify people who are lost and then lead … Read More

Beware of the Tuna

Read before eating….Recent laboratory tests have found so much mercury in sushi grade tuna from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants that most of the restaurants would exceed the levels considered acceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency. Sushi from 5 of the … Read More

Google/DoubleClick: Where Advertising And Surveillance Meet

According to Google's Global Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer, success "depends on trust. If our users don't trust us, they won't use our services. And they won't trust us, if we don't protect their privacy." And according to Germany's data protection … Read More

Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

If you are worried that you might be falsely accused of groping on a subway train, you will be happy that the Japanese have dreamed up somthing just for you. This subway strap won't keep you from losing your balance … Read More

There Is A Fine Line Between Risk And Convenience

Identity theft is usually thought of as a database hack that has little to do with in-store transactions.  In reality, two Marshall’s stores in Miami had customer information hacked during wireless transfers of transaction details. According to a survey from … Read More

Personal Food Analyzer

Spectroscopy is the one of the predominant methods used for food analysis. It can verify the identity of a substance (in this case food or beverage) by comparing data stored in a database to information gathered by interpreting the reflected … Read More

Drink and Shoot Responsibly

Drinking and hunting can be a dangerous mix. Thankfully, Miller High Life is taking steps to protect their loyal customers who enjoy a cold Miller after a long day of hunting. Well, lets at least hope that they are waiting … Read More

Know What To Do

The Red Cross has come up with an interesting way to get people to ask themselves the question would you know what to do? They go about this by placing life size depictions of a person who would require emergency … Read More

Identity Protection Companies on the Rise

Getting your identification stolen can be a nightmare.Your credit can be ruined,finances damaged, not to mention the endless hassle of trying remedy the situation and it happens far to often. Today more than ever safeguarding your personal information is of … Read More