Chocolate Pills

Had a rough day? Need to take something to get over your annoyances? Well, maybe you need some chocolate pills. The candy itself is put into a cough drop packaging, and says to take during “emergencies” (like when someone dumps … Read More

PARO: “The World’s Most Therapeutic Robot,”

Recognized by the Guinness World Record organization as the "World's Most Therapeutic Robot," PARO is a lot more than cute, plush, furry, baby harp seal. PARO is one of the world’s most successful attempts at creating a robot companion. Created … Read More

A Soft Touch In a Harsh Season

Winter months are approaching and with it cold weather and dark nights. Solace in the time of winter is often found in small creature comforts. A rich cup of hot chocolate, a hearty bowl of soup or the soft feel … Read More

Gum Chewing Can Soothe the Savage Beast

Gum chewing has been scientifically proven to relax people, boost alertness and focus concentration.  This completely explains why all those friends of yours who have oral fixations are so laid back! You have to wonder though-does this only pertain to … Read More

Why Say I Love You When You Can Just Stop Using A Condom?

Does using prophylactics signify of lack of trust or feeling of commitment towards one’s partner? I guess to some people it does. In lieu of a shared life, mutual earned trust, and faith in each others character, or at most … Read More

Human Milk Jewelry

A group of French artists calling themselves the Duende Collective has created a decidedly novel new line of jewelry which they hope to make widely available after their initial exhibition "La part des Anges" that is being held at La … Read More

Want to be Thin? Calm Your Mind

It’s 12:30 am, everyone in the house is asleep, the house is quiet, do you know where your double stuffed Oreo’s are? Well if they have magically appeared in your mouth you are not alone. Late night snacking is a … Read More

Hate the cold? Have some ramen.

Leave it to Japan to come up with seemingly amazing useless products. This time around it's a new type of ramen noodle. It's packed with ginger and pepper, and made to warm up the body. It's aimed at women who … Read More

A Universe of Relaxation

There is something quieting about gazing up at stars on a clear night. Somehow the vastness of space puts all your problems in perspective. Now, thanks to Sega, you can lose yourself in the vastness of the universe while you … Read More

Drugs $ and Happiness

The United States is the most powerful nation in the world, our citizens work some of the longest hours, take the fewest vacations, and will go to great lengths in the pursuit of happiness. That’s if the lengths are measured … Read More