From Hard to Soothing Sell

What do you do with a crying baby? Popping in a pacifier usually does the trick. How about someone crying over their 401K? Well for that, Madison Avenue seems to have found a pacifier for the times: Nostalgia. … Read More

Massage Industry Recession Proof?

So far in the Philippines it is, where according to Global Nation more than 200 spa centers have opened up in the city of Cebu alone. Indeed, what was once considered a privileged reserved for the wealthy not a few … Read More

Send In the Home Cooking – STAT!!!

Did you know Australia is a close US ally and the largest non-Nato contributor in Afghanistan?  Yep. It’s true… And our Troops are not happy at meal times. A hunger is never a good thing.  A hungry soldier is DEFINITELY … Read More

What if everyone loved you like your dog loves you?

It is true that our pets love us unconditionally, but it is also a brilliant observation of the new nature of people’s relationships with their pets. Dogs and cats have long been valued companions. Now, more so than ever, these creatures play an integral part in our emotional lives and in turn their needs are increasingly treated as near equal to our own, sometimes even more so. … Read More

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Pacifying vs Checking Out

Here’s the thing: “Scientists believe a common heart medicine may be able to banish fearful memories from the mind. The Dutch investigators believe beta-blocker drugs could help people suffering from the emotional after-effects of traumatic experiences.”  Sounds hunky dory right?  … Read More

Baby Whisperers

When baby won’t sleep, Mom and Dad don’t either. In an age when you can find a consultant for just about everything, it only makes sense to call a sleep consultant. Dream Team Baby is a service that teaches children age 4 months to 2 years to overcome sleep problems. … Read More

Hello Baby!

Hello Kitty might be nightmarish to us for the same exact reasons Japanese females love the iconic cartoon feline: It’s cute, pink, and seemingly everywhere. In fact, its ubiquitous-ness is exactly what the director of Hau Sheng Hospital in Taiwan … Read More

Looking for “Warm and Fuzzy”

It is really no surprise that Ad Age is reporting that “Warm and Fuzzy” ads are topping  a recent viewer poll. This year, retailers with a mix of emotional branding spots and promotional ads topped the list in a survey … Read More

Stressed Out? Break Plates. No Mess.

This evidence piece is a great example of how Pacifiers™ aren’t limited to just soft cozy safe comfort products and experiences. Comfort can come from sharp objects, loud noises, blunt force and a big mess. A truck in Japan called … Read More

Uniqlo Heat Tech: Fashionably Warm

Uniqlo created a lot of buzz with their “ Heat Tech Human Vending Machine” but judging from the reviews we are picking up on the web Heat Tech is more than just hype. Style blogger Suzy Bubble says: I know … Read More