Print your tattoo.

We've already featured the 3D Tattoo preview, now here's a one-up of that concept, that's much easier to get ahold of. Inkject paper has been created with the property of a temporary tattoo, so now it's a matter of copy, … Read More

Here come The Sims… again. Social lives beware.

In case you've lived under a rock when it comes to gaming, The Sims is the best selling game in the world, and it's all about life and career manipulation. You get a person, make them, their hopes, dreams, family, … Read More

The Year of the Vampire?

I guess the best way to start this is to explain the basic phenomenon of brutal archetypes. We have ninjas, pirates and vikings. These three, will forever be debated amongst teenagers on message boards and in video games. Let's look … Read More

Virtual Love

There is a new game in town, and all you need is a 2.75G/Edge or 3/G handset!  in V-Boy, you become the V-Boy's neighbor and begin to build relations with any or all of the five boys living there.  Who … Read More

Legal Graffiti

  As long as there have been walls, there has been graffiti; going back to the cavemen. But it's also been frowned upon as long as there have been cops. But now, thanks to the graffiti train kit you can … Read More

Nissan Designers Experience Future,”It’s Not That Great”

  Designers at Nissan are getting a taste of what the future is going to be like through the use of a special suit. This is not a portal to a bizarre virtual future world where cars float and we … Read More

Try Me on for Size

The idea of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes isn’t just a phrase anymore, it’s becoming a reality. Recently through the Wooloo Life Exchange, 10 people were given the change to live the life of a total stranger. … Read More

Star Trek Coffins

A company has started to produce coffins that are the exact replica of  the “Photon Torpedo” design seen in Star Trek II : The Wrath of Kahn. You know, the one where Spock sacrifices himself for the sake of the … Read More

Guitar Hero – Now With Extra Aerosmith!

How many times have you complained that there's not enough Aerosmith on Guitar Hero? Well apparently people have done it enough that they're getting their own version of Guitar Hero. Yep, you read that right, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Edition. It's … Read More

When My Life Coach wasn’t enough.

So, in case you never jumped on the Life Coach bandwagon, which essentailly was "play make believe with positive reinforcement on a DS" you're honestly not one of many. But there were enough for the idea of the game that … Read More