In Cyber-Space the Idea of Gender Swapping is Far from Taboo

In the virtual world a phenomenon known as gender swapping, creation of an online persona of the opposite sex, is far more common than people realize. A recent study titled, “ Gender Swapping and Socializing in Cyberspace: An Exploratory Study” … Read More

So, Hugh Hefner slippers anyone?

Ahh Hugh Hefner, with the scandalous and shocking new book coming out on you, you need to toss out some merchandise before it hits so you can rack up your book sales list on Amazon right? Well, the merch in … Read More

The Vampire Craze Continues to Grow

Following up my last piece about 2008 being the year of the vampire comes the first trailer for the Twilight movie. For those of you that don’t know, Twilight is a series of novels by Stephanie Meyer that tell the … Read More

Virtual Gardening

Japan has always played a host to strange video games, naturally, because Japan is the birth of the video game boom. But a lot of the really strange, oddball and somewhat pointless games are left for the land of the … Read More

E Ball Golf Simulator Launched, Fathers Everywhere Freak Out!

E Ball Games have just launched their inflatable simulator and every dad that has ever rented one of those inflatable moon bounces for their kids just got their payback. I can see it now, fathers day parties where a bunch … Read More

Warhol Turns 80

Andy Warhol may be dead, but he’s still doing the two things he loved most, making money and headlines. It’s no doubt that Warhol fever is growing again, from the mass production of bags and totes with images of his … Read More

Its All for the Exercise

Have you heard about the Carmen Electra pole dancing kit being sold by Peekaboo Pole Dancing? If not, where have you been? Don’t despair; millions may soon get to experience the action without purchasing the “Electra-pole”. Peekaboo is pursuing the … Read More

Myspace Karaoke

I don't think anyone really saw this coming, but Myspace has launched a Karaoke site. You can take instrumental versions of songs and dub over them with the Myspace Karaoke Player, then put it up for other users to rate. … Read More

In case you aren’t sick of hearing about GTA IV

Let's face it, every time Grand Theft Auto adds a sequel to the lineup, the mass hordes of anti-violence and videogame protesters come out of their closets and go in full assault. And if you didn't know GTA IV was … Read More

Living Large

Learn to Live, Living Vicariously that is…it's all about experiencing without consequence.  Hg2 is an anthology of 75 suggestions to paths that adhere to the spirit of Whatever Works for You, be it simple pleasures or guilty pleasures, the thrill … Read More