…Quite the Following.

OK….I love twitter. Yes, like most people when I first heard of it, I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  I had the “Isn’t this social networking thing going a bit far?” argument with others and myself. But then … Read More

Squirt! You’re Pretend Dead.

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a hit man? An evil stalker? A player in a deadly game of kill or be killed? Well, just fill up your squirt fun and sign up for StreetWars. … Read More

Dude Stop it, Seriously! It’s Your Turn to Wear the Helmet!

TN Games has released a helmet that will complement their FPS Gaming Vest that lets you literally feel explosions, gunshots and blows that your character experiences in video games. Not to mention, make you look like the worlds biggest dork! … Read More

NFL + 3-D = front row seats

If 3-D doesn’t give Hi-Def television a run for their money we don’t know what will. Finally switching over from analog to hi-def, and already a faint voice is creeping up taunting, “gotta get 3-D, gotta get 3-D, gotta get … Read More

As Real as It Gets

Some of you may remember that nauseating carsickness experience you felt while watching the Blair Witch Project flick in theaters so many years ago. The film was a quite a smash, and those shaky handheld cameras were largely to credit … Read More

Role Playing Maid Tours in Japan

Ahh the maid fascination. Maid Cafe's have been around Japan for a while now, and we've even seen one or two pop up in California, but this is a new twist on the standard experience. Tourists can now rent a … Read More

Rock Band Home Stage Kit Makes the Experience Complete

Soon you may have to hire real roadies if you plan to haul all of the gear necessary to pretend you are a rock star. The newest edition to the arsenal of extras available for the ever popular Rock Band … Read More

Cityscape Escape

Escapism is on the rise–making it as real as possible is the way to go. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the game takes you to cities that look so real you can actually feel the tension as you race from one neighborhood to the next. … Read More

Helicopters Teach Themselves to Fly

I would have loved to put this one under green echo, but what these RC copters are echoing are the flight of human controlled RC copters, which they can do PERFECTLY,  in that they figure out what the human meant … Read More

Crazy CosPlay Robot-Bat Wings!

People that get into cosplay take their way of life very seriously. LIVING VICARIOUSLY is all about people living out their comic book dreams. Some do everyday, some just once or twice a year at some convention. Regardless of when … Read More