Pass the Mutant Wheat Bread Please

Geneticists at Kenya´s Agricultural Research Institute are pioneering work in crop modification through controlled mutation. Utilizing radiation-based techniques, they have developed two strains of wheat which are highly productive, thrive in more arid environments than traditional wheat crops, and make … Read More

What Rhymes with Gang Warfare?

Christian Hip hop performers GreenJade have started a proactive anti-violence campaign in Britain’s middle schools to combat the rising epidemic of gun and knife violence carving the nation’s cities into warring precincts. The hour long combination of music, drama, video … Read More

Guarding Against the Rumor Mill on the Campaign Trail

In an effort to combat the numerous rumors and attacks on his history, family, and personal convictions, Barack Obama has set up a website called Fight the Smears. The website is designed to address slanderous rumors and assertions as they … Read More

Space Rover’s Radar Adapted to Increase Mine Safety on Earth

Ground penetrating radar developed by the European Space Agency to investigate soil structure on the moon and other planets has been adapted to provide greater safety for miners. The German-Swiss company RST has adapted the ground penetrating radar to be … Read More

Protecting Children from their Mother’s Milk

A new strain of probiotics has been isolated which prevents the transmission of HIV from infected mothers to their nursing offspring. The problem of infants being infected with HIV from breastfeeding is particularly problematic in Africa where alternatives to breastfeeding … Read More