Kid Phones

  An interesting question most people face is judging their own judgement when it comes to their kids. Are we over-protective, out-of-touch, paranoid or rightly afraid of an ever more dangerous world? Are cell phones a security devise or a … Read More

Fear of Kidnapping Drives Wealthy and Upper-Middle Class Mexicans to New Extremes

Having a GPS tracking chip inserted in your arm may be something that you would never consider, but then again you may not live in a country where the threat of kidnapping is a daily reality. Mexican security company Xega … Read More

Remote Virus Protection Software

The process of virtualization of both software applications and in some cases remote hardware for computing is moving ahead at full steam. One new application of virtualization, or cloud computing technology is a new model for virus protection software. Instead … Read More

“Mood Ring” could be the First Step in Protecting Soldiers From Traumatic Brain Injury

 A material much like the material used to make the mood ring that has been in the bottom of your dresser drawer since your college graduation, may be the key to protecting troops from a phenomenon known as Traumatic Brain … Read More

Brakes Correct the Driver

Blind spot? One too many martini's? Kids fighting in the back seat ?  Or maybe just fatigued after driving 8 hours straight on that road trip across country. Regardless of the reason, Nissan's new brake resistance system will steer you … Read More

Bring the Water to the Plant or Let the Plant Find the Water?

In the face of global food shortages, global warming, and hopes of renewable fuel sources, the value and scarcity of clean fresh water is becoming more evident by the day. Inefficient irrigation methods are a huge source of wasted water. … Read More

Emo Russia?

Russia officially hates Emo. Not just the sound or look, but the fact that they consider it a destructive and damaging force that their younger generation will embrace and suddenly doom their culture. I find this amusing, especially following the … Read More

According to Disney, We Are All Gonna Be Obese By 2030

 I really really really hope that the writers of Disney’s new Eco-Based blockbuster, Wall-E aren’t psychic. If so, we all are in deep dookie. The future that is portrayed in this film is very grim. Alongside the problems with the … Read More

Sharks, Bears, and Bobbies

Britain’s often unarmed peace officers, bobbies, already face a dangerous surge of knife violence, and now, they have to worry that a simple stabbing might actually result in a charge of high pressure gas expanding in their bodies and freezing … Read More

Air Stab!

                        “So Nike, what’s the name of your new retro line of shoes?” “Air Stab; But that doesn’t glorify knife violence in the least. “ “….Ok, what’s the slogan for these ‘Air Stabs?’ ” “Runnin … Read More