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Hide Your Laptop in a Fake Newspaper

The evidence in the Guarding™ wave can get pretty heavy.

Images of weapons, security cams, etc come to mind… heck do you remember the Rape Trap?? Well, here’s a piece of evidence that might not be too hardcore but it’s guarding your stuff none the less. Check out ultimate camouflage for your laptop. It’s a sleeve masquerading as the daily newspaper.


Jitter Prevention

Have you ever asked for decaf coffee then found yourself trapped in a channel surfing jittery fit hours later? The Guarding Wave offers you just the thing to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s the D+Caf™ Test Strip, a simple, concealable test device that gives you accurate proof your coffee or tea is the decaf version you ordered.


Ibex Reduex

While not a new idea, the notion of bringing extinct animals back to life is gaining a scientific foothold. Although all attempts to create the first inhabitant of a real life Jurassic Park have...


Getting Under Your Skin

You know things are not good when kidnapping is seen as a growth industry, but that’s what it is in the Guarding Wave. Xega, a Mexican company, turned to developing and selling GPS implants to people who are concerned about being kidnapped–now a common fear throughout Mexico.