10 Million Viewers, Kanye West and The Chin.

Yo Jay, I’m Gonna Let You Finish, But Kanye had the best FAIL of all time. … Read More

Hide Your Laptop in a Fake Newspaper

The evidence in the Guarding™ wave can get pretty heavy.

Images of weapons, security cams, etc come to mind… heck do you remember the Rape Trap?? Well, here’s a piece of evidence that might not be too hardcore but it’s guarding your stuff none the less. Check out ultimate camouflage for your laptop. It’s a sleeve masquerading as the daily newspaper. … Read More

Jitter Prevention

Have you ever asked for decaf coffee then found yourself trapped in a channel surfing jittery fit hours later? The Guarding Wave offers you just the thing to make sure it doesn’t happen. It’s the D+Caf™ Test Strip, a simple, concealable test device that gives you accurate proof your coffee or tea is the decaf version you ordered. … Read More

Scanners Hit To Close for Comfort

If you ever saw the late 80’s flick “Total Recall,” you might recall a stud Arnold Schwarzenegger gliding by airport security in seconds after merely walking by an X-ray device. Unfortunately we’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer. Are … Read More

Ibex Reduex

While not a new idea, the notion of bringing extinct animals back to life is gaining a scientific foothold. Although all attempts to create the first inhabitant of a real life Jurassic Park have failed, a recent experiment at the … Read More

Getting Under Your Skin

You know things are not good when kidnapping is seen as a growth industry, but that’s what it is in the Guarding Wave. Xega, a Mexican company, turned to developing and selling GPS implants to people who are concerned about being kidnapped–now a common fear throughout Mexico. … Read More

Knife Holder Slaughters Bacteria

Just because we have all sorts of new fangled worries doesn’t mean we have gotten rid of the old ones. One of the most basic fears we have is fear of disease and since we now know that microbes and … Read More

From Smart Bombs to Smart Bullets

We hear the British Ministry of Defence has announced that it has spent some money on delivering the latest in sniper rifles to its troops. The L115A3 rifle, “is a larger calibre weapon..That provides state of the art telescopic day … Read More

Who’s That?!

Hiding behind cool shades has gotten way cooler. Now you can really foul up someone who’s trying to snap your picture or catch you on a security camera. Simply mount two infrared LEDs into the frames of your sunglasses… … Read More

Latest Tracker Gadget Makes Spying Way Easy

    Whether you’re a parent or business owner this new GPS tracker will allow you to keep tabs on anyone you want, live, 24/7. Children, teens, grandparents, employees who use company cars and even the police departments for example … Read More