We Interrupt (Blank) For An Important Announcement

Today, The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Communications Commission held the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. The test happened at 2 p.m. ET and included all broadcast television, radio stations and cable and satellite television … Read More

Cars That Know When Your’re Drowsy

This resonated with me because I had an experience on Los Angeles freeways last week that made me glad the traffic was just crawling along at walking speed. I had a big day filled with chores and I guess I … Read More

Party Away The Apocolypse With Porn Stars

I came across an article with a headline that made me do a double take: “Porn company builds porn bunker to ride out forecasted apocalypse” OOOOOK. Turns out the folks at Pink Visual are 2012’ers and are doing something about … Read More

Smoke Detectors Can Be Cute Too

You know, a lot of evidence in the Guarding™ wave tends to be quite serious.  The Human Truth™ is:  “If something is after me, I’ll be ready for it.”™ It’s not usually the place to find quirky or cute designs.  … Read More

That’s What Friends Are For

With the spate of natural disasters over the last few years, it’s no surprise that there is a rise in articles about survivalism.  I’m seeing more and more “how-to” blogs about stockpiling and bunkers and disaster plans.  Even Costco is … Read More

Smart Kid Creates “Smart Bell”

What were you doing at 13 years of age?  I’m pretty sure inventing an awesome alarm system and making a small fortune is not the average answer. Laurence Rook must not be your average teenager. The seeds of his idea … Read More

Cover Your Texting Tracks

If Tiger Woods had this app, he might not be in the trouble he’s in. It’s an app that sets a time limit for holding text messages and then wipes them clean from the original phone, the receiving phone, and the server. … Read More


I always thought kind words were a boost to business, not a liability… … Read More

Apps that Save You From…. Yourself.

Ever sent a text or email you regretted? Well, there’s an app for that. … Read More

The Museum of Disgraced Monuments

We all have to come to terms with history sooner or later, what cannot be coped with has been burned, beheaded and destroyed over time, but monuments remain. Some buried, some hidden, and some vandalized. But for the first time, they’re all coming together as a display that’s not based on pride, but on shame. … Read More