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Cover Your Texting Tracks

If Tiger Woods had this app, he might not be in the trouble he’s in. It’s an app that sets a time limit for holding text messages and then wipes them clean from the original phone, the receiving phone, and the server.


The Museum of Disgraced Monuments

We all have to come to terms with history sooner or later, what cannot be coped with has been burned, beheaded and destroyed over time, but monuments remain. Some buried, some hidden, and some vandalized. But for the first time, they’re all coming together as a display that’s not based on pride, but on shame.


The Date Rape Prevention Coaster

A company called Drink Safe Texas has produced some clever products that guard against drink tampering. Now something as ubiquitous as a drink coaster can prevent date rape. Several Texan bars are using them to test for substances such as GHB and ketamine- two popular “date-rape” drugs.