Puma Aiming For “Compostable”

I’m kinda loving the directions Puma has been going in the past couple of years. I was a fan of their “Puma Social” that fit right in with our Clockless™ wave. They weren’t winning the sport shoe game so they … Read More

Salvage Bar & Lounge

I came across this cool bar in Los Angeles that’s a really great example of the Green Hot™ trend called UpCycling. “Salvage Bar & Lounge is the brainchild of Nocturnal Entertainment Group. The group saw a fantastic location, and the … Read More

Grow-At-Home Mushroom Kit

There are so many reasons I love this idea! I love mushrooms. I love growing my own food. I love recycling. I love clever design. I love things that are easy. I also love inspiring company stories: “Back to the … Read More

The Cycle Of Life – Green Burial

There have been many “green funeral” alternatives in the last few years,  vertical burials or solar panels atop mausoleums, for example. Well the latest comes from Spanish designer Martín Ruiz de Azúa.  These biodegradable “Bios Urns” combine human remains with … Read More

Going Green For Cash

The down side to awesome new models of electronics constantly being unveiled is that when you upgrade, you’re left with a really expensive paperweight.  More often than not, if you try to sell it second hand you are faced with … Read More

Sustainable Sound

Here’s a cool piece of Green Hot™ evidence.  At first you wouldn’t think it is, because it looks more like a fun music accessory than something that addresses energy waste.  But like it says on it’s website: “Tembo Trunks don’t … Read More

Watching Your Business Grow… Literally.

We’ve talked about products being embedded with seeds in the Green Hot™ wave before but I just love this letter that Google sent out to it’s AdWords customers. At the bottom it said: “PS: This card was printed on 100% … Read More

Shopping & Shipping Green

Amazon.com has always been a greener way to shop because your car stays in your garage the whole time. Now even the shipping is greener. Instead of all those boxes that pile up, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Tote to the Seattle area. Your order is delivered in a free re-useable tote. … Read More

Loud Chip Packets > Being Biodegradable

When I read that Sun Chips was reverting back to environmentally unfriendly packaging because consumers said the new bags were too loud, I did a *facepalm* that could have been heard around the world! … Read More

Small Solutions To A Big Problem

When I saw this picture of a “protest” against Yellow Pages it really struck a chord with me. I seriously can’t remember the last time I ever opened one! I may have used one to prop a door open or squish a bug. But seriously, who uses them anymore? … Read More