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Protecting the planet: “Being green helps me secure my future.”™


Living Walls

Here’s a trend I really want to see catch on. I remember when I saw my first large scale, living succulent wall at a mall in Hollywood about 5-6 years ago now. I was...


Patagonia’s Anti-Ad Campaign

Phew… what a crazy weekend! And not in the “fun crazy” way. In the: “shoppers-walk-over-dying man-to-get-to-sale” kind of crazy. Ie: sickening display of consumer frenzy However, in one of the boldest advertising moves I’ve...


Salvage Bar & Lounge

I came across this cool bar in Los Angeles that’s a really great example of the Green Hot™ trend called UpCycling. “Salvage Bar & Lounge is the brainchild of Nocturnal Entertainment Group. The group...