Eco-Friendly Explosives

Ok, normally I’m not impressed when someone makes a “better” bomb, but this is an exception. I don’t even mind the fact that the Germans beat us on this one.  The key to this new class of explosives are tetrazoles, … Read More

Like Chocolate? Have Some More

Not as if you needed another reason to indulge in massive chocolate consumption, but here it is. We chocoholics have already justified our habit by reveling in the antioxidant and lower sugar content of extremely dark chocolate. Xoçai chocolate bars … Read More

The Hand That Giveth and the Hand That Taketh Away

In what could end up being one of the most important economic and political stories of our times Chinese immigrants and industry are rapidly establishing a foothold in Africa. This is definitely not good news for Western powers, hoping to … Read More

Have Your Cake, and Eat Its Container, Too

Recently I ordered a sandwich at my local coffee shop and when I saw them about to dish it into a clear plastic container I requested they just put it on a napkin for me. The helpful clerk informed me … Read More

The Nicety of Vice

The old cliche of “taking the bad with the good” has found a new twist. Now you can make “good” money by investing in the “bad.” At least that’s the way the Vice Fund work. It’s a mutual fund that puts your investment into the war machines of the defense industry, casino gambling, slot machine makers, cigarettes, alcohol distillers, and related fields. … Read More

The Good Works of “Evil” Corporations

McDonalds, in conjunction with HAVI Global Solutions is attempting to alter the trajectory of McDonalds public image. The efforts take the form of more environmentally conscious packaging. They claim that paper will be harvested from well managed forests, it will … Read More

Diligence by the Dollar

National Public Radio brings us an interesting twist on,"I want some good stuff in my bad stuff" or in this case,"some good stuff for doing the "bad" stuff". The Learn and Earn program is an experimental education program that actually … Read More

Hybrids: Friend or Foe?

Hybrid and Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on the road today thanks to the ever-increasing cost of gasoline and a markedly higher level of environmental awareness. That sounds wonderful and really it is, unless you’re blind. These types of … Read More

Divisive Security

A recent report from the blog, Subtopia, documents the increase in construction of “ blast walls” in occupied Iraq. Occupational forces have been erecting these walls under the cover of darkness, in order to protect themselves and residents from roadside … Read More

Gaming Supplement

With game console sales in Japan up 13.4% last year (thank you Wii!), the gamer market is a profitable niche. So thought the Toyama-based Kyowa-yakuhin when they created a series of vitamin supplements, Game Suppli, designed specifically for gamers.  Sounds … Read More